When the media is the actual problem

Yes terrorism is shocking and uncalled for and heartbreaking. But I think that too often we use being overwhelmed with emotions as a reason to stereotype people. No wonder there are so many people who want to instill terror in populations when people of the same religion as them are looked down upon simply by the way that they dress.

For example, the New York Times posted an article today identifying one of the suspects in the recent London attack as Khurum Shazad Butt. The article opens with a small narrative about how he used to give out candy on Halloween and teach children in his neighborhood in Barking how to play ping-pong. The article continues to describe how he has appeared in a documentary titled, “The Jihadist Nextdoor” which profiled extremists living in Britain.

Very quickly, this article goes from seeming to lead on the innocence of this man to showing that he wanted to kill people. I understand the point of showing both sides and being un-partisan, but in the event of something like this-where there are lives on the line- is it not more important to look into why Police had not taken action when they were aware of him and his beliefs, according to the article or why PM Teresa May instilled police cutbacks even though she had been warned against it?

It is so interesting that outlets such as the New York Times and the Washington Post continue to provide news of any sort in the form of a narrative- putting their own publicity in front of the good of the public.