AfroBeauty Hack- Akili Bell

In American society today racial biases are still very prevalent and with this outlet, Akili is looking to break down some barriers. White models and actresses are plastered across almost all of the major beauty magazines. This makes women of other races feel as though they cannot be as beautiful. Additionally, specifically African American women have different hair textures and skin tones so they cannot utilize beauty products that are popular among white women. This is the problem that Akili looks to tackle with AfroBeauty Hack. She wants to develop an independent online place that will serve as the “cheat sheet for African American beauty tips.” Her content will be allocated from other places such as well-known youtube beauty stars. It will also be “user suggested” so that her audience is getting the tips that they want and need. For revenue, she will utilize advertisements from “black beauty” companies. This will give her outlet money as well as promoting and making her audience aware of products that they might not have known about before. I think that this outlet is vital to the well-being and confidence of many girls across the country. Additionally, it offers a place for girls to converse and to know that they are not alone in what they are experiencing.