November 8, 2016

It began with hope. Hope that our country would choose the candidate that, although more than imperfect, would be the best fit to lead. Then hope turned to uncertainty as the voting polls began to close and  swing states turned red instead of blue. Then came doubt as Florida was won over by Donald Trump with a 49.1% to 47.8% difference. Then came sickness as my head began to throb due to the nightmares of what many happen to millions of Americans filled my head. I could not take it any longer and fell asleep before the final results were released.

I woke up the following day on November 9th with a plethora of messages from friends who were confused, unsettled and scared. Throughout the day I have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions from numbness to sadness to empowerment. I have come across friends sobbing, celebrating and ready to take on the challenge. I have witnessed an entire classroom full of journalism students break down in tears nearly simultaneously as they felt helpless under the rule of Trump.

But we are journalists. We attend one of the top rated communications schools in the country and we are prepared for this. We have pestered the shit out of people to get an interview, stayed up all night to write an article, rewritten stories numerous times and spent hours doing research. We are ready for this and we need to accept the challenge at hand.

Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America. On that day we will not be sad but we will make it our mission to be better journalists then we’ve ever been. We will seek information, talk to people and educate the country. We will advocate for our brothers and sisters who have been and will be persecuted. And lastly, we will not give up.

I am a journalist and I was born for this moment.


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