The Drudge Report-beneficial or harmful to American politics?

The Drudge Report has been a prevalent click bait website attracting everyone from esteemed journalists to eccentric video game enthusiasts, however somehow he has been able to stay on top since 1996. Existing solely due to profits made from two advertisements on the page which as created by ad-tracking methods and sold by the internet advertising company, Intermarkets according to an article by the Atlantic.

Advertising aside, the company is made up on the most simple HTML code and somehow gets over 30,000,000 visitors a day, according to their website? How are they able to do this? Heather Digby Parton of writes that Drudge is able to stay relevant by continuously updated his page with compelling headlines.

“Drudge doesn’t even try to find political relevance to his lewd, juvenile innuendo,” she said. “As long as Matt Drudge is driving the news cycle, it will only get worse.”

From the looks of it, Drudge will never lose his prevalence in American media and politics, and due to this, he will be able to continue to push whatever agenda he would like, and as of lately, that seems to be anything to break down the Clinton Campaign. However, if he had use the power that he possesses against Donald Trump, the campaign could have been halted, according to Oliver Darcy of Business Insider.

“Such coverage could have made a noticeable difference in the Republican primaries. While mainstream outlets were, as a whole, critical of Trump, their coverage largely fell on deaf ears, Darcy said. “Over the years, a sizable portion of the GOP electorate had been convinced not to trust the “dishonest” mainstream media. Instead, they turned to and trusted alternative news sources like talk radio and right-leaning websites — all of which were heavily influenced by Drudge.”

I cannot say that I disagree with Darcy in the least.


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